September 16th, 2017! (Rain Date: Sept. 23)
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Benefits Of Sponsorship

We appreciate all the support the LFOMC has received over the years. Sponsors of the LFOMC receive extensive visibility through the Festival’s nine month marketing and public relations campaign in New Jersey and enhanced brand awareness through our website and promotional material. Alignment with the LFOMC will also show cases our sponsors’ unique products and services to the LFOMC’s vast network of community organizations, businesses, service professionals, politicians and presenting partners statewide. Here are some ways you, too, can be part of the LFOMC:

• Annual Fund

With yearly donor contributions, we are able to pursue our permanent mission: long-term vitality of Latin American culture through service to the community, excellence in public performance and partnership with faithful supporters like you.

• Special Gifts

Celebrate a friendship, a family birthday, wedding or graduation. Honor the memory of a loved one. Special gifts are a wonderful way to express your regard while also helping the organization. We’ll send an acknowledgment to the recipient and you.

• Donations of Goods or Services

Whether you donate supplies, join our planning committees, greet people at the Festival or award the LFOMC store credit, all is helpful. In addition, we acknowledge your efforts in all our promotional material for over 5,000 audience members and sponsors.

• Individual Donations

For gifts received, donor names will be listed on our promotional material and/or our website.

• Online & Print Advertising

Reach a diverse audience when you advertise with us on our website, brochures, flyers, reports and more.

For more information on how you can support the LFOMC, please contact us.

Featured Partners

We truly have an eclectic calendar of entertainment. Take a look at some of out past performers and guests.

Ray Rodriguez Band
Alborada (Spanish Flamenco)
Carola Fernandez (Peruvian Dance)
Xochipilli (Mexican Dance)
Alvare (Cuban Rap)
Victor Alfonso (Karate Demo)
Veronica Kole (Freehold Voice & Recording Artist)
Martino (Freehold Voice)
Mariachi Oro De Mexico
DJ Lacy "C" (La Comai Buena)
and many, many more!

Our Performers

We truly have an eclectic calendar of entertainment. Take a look at some of out past performers and guests.

Our Vendors

The local business community’s support of the LFOMC is greatly appreciated. Our audience of 5,000 visits our vendors at our annual event.