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September 15th, 2018! (Rain Date: Sept. 22)
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About the LFOMC

Founded in 2005, the Latino Festival of Monmouth County (LFOMC) is one of New Jersey’s most popular and influential ambassadors of Latin American culture. The LFOMC annually reaches over 5,000 audience members across the state.

The LFOMC will celebrate its 14th Anniversary Season on September 15, 2018, placing the Festival and its sponsors at the forefront of public awareness.

Our Initiatives and Supporters

Our featured 9th anniversary initiatives are:

• Debut Art – The LFOMC is celebrating Latin American art in a gallery display and a film production.
• Added Performers – The LFOMC continues its legacy of attracting new talent each year.
• Website Development – We now reach an online audience and can be contacted easier.
• Enhanced Appearance – The LFOMC now has a logo and a website to brand its image.
• Increased Community Involvement – Our volunteers join committees within the LFOMC, and we now have a Junior Ambassador program within our organization to involve youth.

Our corporate, institutional and service supporters are:

• Leschak & Associates Law Office
• Health Net
• Monmouth County Arts Council
• Prudential
• Verizon
• Verizon
• Sovereign Bank

Our Performers

We truly have an eclectic calendar of entertainment. Take a look at some of out past performers and guests.

Some of our past performers:

Ray Rodriguez Band
Alborada (Spanish Flamenco)
Carola Fernandez (Peruvian Dance)
Xochipilli (Mexican Dance)
Alvare (Cuban Rap)
Victor Alfonso (Karate Demo)
Veronica Kole (Freehold Voice & Recording Artist)
Martino (Freehold Voice)
Mariachi Oro De Mexico
DJ Lacy "C" (La Comai Buena)
and many, many more!

Our Vendors

We boast a wide array of commerce from local Freehold and greater New Jersey. Here is a select list of our vendors.